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  • Vitamins and Minerals essential for maintaining a healthy skin

    In this blog I would like to discuss on vitamins and minerals that are essential for supporting a healthy skin, reducing skin inflammation, quickening the healing of wounds and helping slow down skin aging overall.

  • All you need to know on Hyaluronic Acid

    This blog is about one of the hottest trends in beauty and cosmetics - Hyaluronic acid. It seeks to explain what is Hyaluronic acid and what are the benefits of including Hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine.
  • My Daily Skincare Routine

    In this blog, I present my daily skincare routine. This includes going through all the steps that are in my routine, explaining their importance and purpose and also how I implement them.
  • Why K-Beauty?

    This blog seeks to explain what is this phenomena called "K-Beauty" and what are the roots in the Korean culture and the Korean perception of beauty that has led to the development of this phenomena that is now well known in the world of cosmetics.