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  • What Avocado Can Do for Your Hair

    Avocado is a fruit that provides our body many vitamins and nutrients. However, did you know avocado could be very beneficial for your hair too? Well, this blog is for you! It talks about making an homemade avocado mask to take advantage of the benefits avocado provides the hair
  • My Passion for Fragrances

    This blog is about fragrances. It features a special testimonial from an avid collector of fragrances. While, not directly connected to cosmetics, it is interesting to learn how fragrances can help boost your level of attraction and confidence.
  • Naturopathy and Natural Cosmetics

    Ever wondered what is Naturopathy and how it is connected to natural cosmetics? Well this blog is for you! It features an interview with a professional naturopath and answers all these questions and more